Our Stories


Here are just a few of the many success stories from the people we support and staff – we publish them just as they were written.

Gate House stories

Over the last 12 months, Gate House has evolved into a complete communicating and therapeutic community thanks to the care and dedication of a superb team. Here are just some of the amazing stories which show the way in which the team’s dignity and respect for the people we support has resulted in tangible benefits: […]

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The Chilterns’ Story

In 2012 one of the people we support, diagnosed with intellectual difficulties, ADHD and a history of behaviours which challenge,  requested to be supported to have driving lessons. He lives in a community residential-based setting which provides support for individuals with complex offending history. The team recognised and supported him to apply for a driving […]

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Staff Story

Here is an example of how our staff team enable people to achieve their aspirations and inspire hope.  This is the story of one of our staff members and we hope it inspires you: ‘My adventure started when I supported an individual who for no fault of their own was lacking in positive support and […]

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Seahaven Story

Our staff go to incredible lengths to support the hobbies and interests of our individuals.  An example of this is the support given to a young man who made the transition from a residential school to adult services.  He has delayed global development, speech and language issues, complex emotional needs, fixations and behaviours which challenge. […]

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“At Spenser Road I have lots of friends”

I moved in to Spenser Road in 2007, before this I lived with my parents, and my brother Sam. When I moved in I was able to have my room painted to the colours I wanted, and also I stared College in Thanet doing gardening, this is something I enjoyed, so when I was asked […]

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