Staff Story

Here is an example of how our staff team enable people to achieve their aspirations and inspire hope.  This is the story of one of our staff members and we hope it inspires you:
‘My adventure started when I supported an individual who for no fault of their own was lacking in positive support and affirmation.  He asked to visit his parents’ graves and loved the Dartford tunnel so in the past staff had tried on many failed missions to support his regular request to do this.

Seeing that this was actually two pieces of work I separated them for him with his agreement. Thus we visited a local crematorium to say good bye to his parents. We said a prayer and laid some flowers in the sure knowledge that this peaceful place could be visited as often as he felt the need.

We next enjoyed a successful trip to the Dartford tunnel his favourite place in the whole world which he has never forgotten to the point where we had a renowned local artist paint a stunning picture on his bedroom wall of the bridge and tunnels. Having achieved this he was up for more challenges. He requested to go on holiday other than the caravans which he enjoyed every year. He wanted an adventure. I offered the Lake District as I am an experienced walker there. He was delighted. We stayed in a youth hostel and had a great time warming up to the ‘big one’. The cat bells mountain was approached by boat. Once at the foot we attempted the first section only to be caught out just twenty foot up hill. His knees were trembling and sweat poured profusely from every part of his body. He cried out in distress “I can’t do it it’s too hard I’m really scared, don’t make me do this”. Just at that moment when I began to question my judgement a five year old boy came strolling down the path we were trying to walk up, with a nonplussed look on his face and no strain at all. Feeling encouraged by this I stayed for quite a while with him until his courage grew again and he was willing to ascend once more. He struggled and strived gripping my hand for dear life. After a short while he realised that he was climbing the mountain for the most part with great ease. He started to say “I can do it”, “I’m a man, I do man things,  I’m on an adventure at last, I wanted adventure and now I got one”. Some two hours later of climbing and walking he made a phone call from the pinnacle to his home manager SH to express his sheer delight. He was no longer crying with fear but now with joy and delight at conquering his fear and feeling like a man’.

Manager, LD Services,  Optima Care South East