“At Spenser Road I have lots of friends”

I moved in to Spenser Road in 2007, before this I lived with my parents, and my brother Sam.

When I moved in I was able to have my room painted to the colours I wanted, and also I stared College in Thanet doing gardening, this is something I enjoyed, so when I was asked about courses this is the one I chose, after this course I went onto a ‘Life Skills’ course this was good, as I went out into the community a lot.

I have Cerebral Palsy so before I moved in, I would get around in a wheel chair, which I had to wheel myself, at college I used to borrow an electric one, as this was easier for me to keep up with the group, when we were out, but now I have my own electric wheelchair, and if anything goes wrong they come out and fix it for me.

I now go to Canterbury College, three times a week, I am doing a ‘Life Skill’ course but a higher level, I have helped out in the college café, and learnt Makaton, which I’m good at, and I like to try out on my friends that already know Makaton.

At Spenser Rd I have lots of friends, who I live with, when I’m not at college, I like to keep busy, I will always help out around the home, but I don’t like to tidy my own room.  I like to go bowling, to the cinema, out for lunch, to the pub, swimming, and I also like to go along the seafront and have fish and chips, this is only 5 minute walk from Spenser Rd.

This year I have been to ‘Wildwood’ where I saw lots of wild animals, and I went to ‘Digger land’ this was something I asked to do, and I really had a fun day out.

I do lots of cooking, and with the help of my Key Worker, I have had a few dinner parties, we call it ‘come dine with Ben’ I like to make the invites up, do my own menu, and then I like to go to the shops and buy all the things I need to make the meal.  I always like to invite a staff member and one of my friends.

I do also sometimes go to Eastry Day Centre where I can see lots of friends from other homes, and it’s always nice to see them.  I like to use the computer there, and join in with the activities that they do.

Because I like gardening, I grow flowers and tomatoes in the summer, at the moment the flowers look good, but my tomato plants haven’t got that big yet.

Also in the summer I like to have a holiday, I like to stay in a caravan, I usually go with one of my key workers, and sometimes with one of my friends and another staff member, we have day trips out, go for meals and lots of swimming, I look forward to this every year.

Most Saturdays my dad will come and pick me up, and I will spend a few hours with my parents and my brother, and sometimes my sister and other brother will come and see me.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Benjamin Hunt